Palindrome Plays

Tuesdays are for Bill.


Two women meet in a cemetery, one  recent widow the other has been coming every Tuesday for decades. The ghosts silently listen in to their conversation.
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Inconvenient People.

2W 1M/W
A woman who has killed her several husbands consults her lawyer regarding her latest victim's will.
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a stab in the art.

2W 1M

Two women attend an art show preview so that one of them can write a review meet the artist. They then discover that he has recently got out of prison for murdering his last art critic

The trade.

2M 1W

A young soldier meets the ghost of his great grandfather in a house in North Africa in WWII. He learns the meaning of bravery and what it is to be a soldier.
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2W 1M

A man meets a homeless woman in a park and learns not to judge books by their cover .
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1W 1M

A caretaker goes to the top of his building and discovers a woman on the edge of the building and on the edge of everything else. He realises that whatever he says and does now could bring her back from the brink or push her into eternity.
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