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Driving in Australia

Australians can hold a licence from 17 years old. If you are over 70 you may need a medical certificate. An international drivers licence may be available from your auto club or your motoring association. Americans may drive on the Right side of the road but we drive on the correct side. Everyone but lunatics drives on the left in Australia. Which is OK because the steering wheel is on the right hand side of the car. Road rules vary slightly from state to state but not a great deal. Once you get used to driving this way the rules are pretty much the same all over the world. Generally there are no Left turns on red. Those tourists from Britain and Europe will have no trouble dealing with our roundabouts. But Americans find them difficult to master. Caution is always advisable. All speed signs are in metric but thats OK as the speedometer in your car will be as well. Speeds are 50Kph (27mph) in built up areas. 100kph (60mph) on the open road (where there is no street lighting) 110 (66mph) on some freeways and elsewhere as signed. Your speed may be checked by radar and you may have a ticket mailed to you with a nice picture atached. Pay it or they will go after the rental company who has your credit card number. Dont drink and drive. Most state limits are .05mls per litre of blood and fines are heavy. Not to mention a night in gaol. You can easily reach this limit by drinking three standard drinks in an hour, less for women and smaller people.


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