Map of Australia<B

So, you want to visit Australia?


The first thing you need to realise is that Australia is a big place. We have a whole continent to ourselves and as if that was not enough we sent a lot of explorers to Antarctica and grabbed a huge chunk of that too. Australia is nearly as big as the continental USA Our largest station (our word for a big farm or ranch) Is the size of Belgium and bigger than all of Texas. So... You cannot see much in three days. Allow a couple of weeks and then plan on coming back to see some more.

It is this size thing that ruins a lot of trips. It takes 10 hours to drive from Sydney (The harbour, the Bridge, the Opera House) to Brisbane (where Paul lives) and another 2 days to drive to Cairns to see the Daintree Rainforest, The Great Barrier Reef and Island Resorts. So to go from Sydney to Cairns it is three days by car and about three hours in a plane. So figure out what you would like to see, wildlife, beaches, resorts, the outback, the reef and so on and give yourself enough time to see it properly.







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