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Before I write about my past I should say a few words about the present.
I live here in Clayfield Queensland Australia, with my long suffering wife Bernadette.
I have two children of whom I am very proud. David works for a Union and has a band.
He has also written the music for two original songs which accompany Tuesdays Are For Bill
and Coasters.
Kate has won awards for writing film scripts and presently works for a university in

A more detailed biography up to to 2008 is here in pdf format Biography
It is 200k, so those not in desperate need of the details of my life may wish to pass on it. :)
I have a number of interests that I am passionate about.
  • Astronomy I have a beautiful Celestron 8" HD scope and love all things elated to the planets and stars.>BR> In particular I enjoy reading about stellar evolution.
  • Theatre - I have resigned from the presidency of Front Row Theatre after a decade or so of involvement with itR> I love building the sets and the 'ahs' of the audience when the curtain opens. -
    Once my set alone got applause!
  • Diving - I have an advanced open water qualification and have dived in many places around the world, none better than right here on the Barrier Reef.
  • History- I am interested in several fields chronologically -
    • Egyptian
    • Roman - particularly from Augustus to Claudius
    • Anglo-Saxon - (449-1066) Particularly the reign of King Offa
      (one of my papers on that scored me a death threat from a Muslim radical!)
    • Tudor - Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots
    • Wellington - The Penninsula wars and the drive to Paris via Waterloo.
    • WWII
  • Aviation - Anything to do with any aeroplane anywhere any time. Favourite aircraft
    • Spitfire
    • Hurricane
    • Lancaster
    • Mosquito
    • Constellation
  • Reading - my favourite books are on the above topics, I most enjoy reading first hand accounts of WWI and WWII flyers.
  • Woodwork
  • I collect Biggles books and aviation postcards.
  • Favourite music
    • Original Rock and Roll
    • Classic Rock
    • Most of the Beatles
    • A lot of the Stones
    • Zydeco
    • Blues
    • 70s & 80s Rock and Pop
    • Pretty much anything with a good back beat
    • I have a long standing (30+ years) black ban on Elton John for doing a concert just for the white folk in South Africa during Apartheid.

We love our dogs Buster and Sally. We miss Shibani.


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