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Donuts is set in a park where three very
different people meet and find that even though
their problems are as diverse as their sitiuations
they can still help each other. 2 W 1 M

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Tuesdays Are For Bill

June is a widow who has visited her husband's
grave every Tuesday for the last 23 years
On this Tuesday she meets Mandy a young widow.
But what has black helicopters and Catwoman got to
do with high heels and handbags?
2W 2M

Tuesdays are for Bill
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A caretaker goes to the top of his building and
discovers a woman on the edge of the building
and on the edge of everything else. He realises that
whatever he says and does now could bring her
back from the brink or push her into eternity.
1W 1M

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The Trade

A young soldier in North Africa early in WWII runs
the wrong way in his first battle. He takes refuge in
a dilapidated house where an old sergeant is nursing a
wound. The sergeant helps him understand the trade
of warfare and the nature of bravery with a few tips on
surviving the battlefield as well.
2M 1W

The Trade
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The Bird in The Box

A children's play for ages 5 to 7 designed in consultation
with a vet to teach appropriate care for injured wild birds.
2 Lead children with numerous other parts for the whole class.

Bird in the Box
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Remembering the Elephant

A woman comes home for her father's funeral and confronts
her past, her brother and her demons all in the course of
an afternoon.
1M 1W

Remembering The Elephant
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Inconvenient People

A woman with remarkably bad luck with husbands
visits a lawyer on the edge of desperation regarding a
problem with a will. Can a solution be found that suits
all parties?
1M 2W

Inconvenient People
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Two people meet after twenty years at a high school reunion
One has been carrying a torch all these years and the other has
just coasted along hoping for the best. Will they or won't they?
1M 1W

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The Guest

In south west London, just after D Day, residents
may have felt entitled to look hopefully toward the
future. But Hitler had more horrors to come, the raids of
The Blitz were lessened but continued and the
V bombs, brought a new wave of terror. In this story
A downed German flyer narrowly escapes lynching
and hides in a family home damaged by one of his bombs.
Is it their duty to give him over to the mob? Would they
be traitors if they protected him?
2M 2W 1 Girl approx 13

The Guest
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