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Tuesdays Are For Bill

"Of the four plays on offer, the best was saved until last. Tuesday’s are for Bill, by Brisbane playwright Paul Hannah is a very witty story about two widows who meet while visiting their husband’s graves. As their respective stories unfold we uncover a little discussed but well-known secret among Australian widows – that a great many of them are quite happy to be rid of their respective “problems”. Leilani Wyatt and Sandra Fleming, as the two widows, both gave wonderful performances. Mark Ryan and Aaron Marshall as the two silent but very active deceased husbands both performed well, although more could have been made of their parts had attention been paid to detail and continuity on the part of the director. I think it only fair to rate each short play individually, so on the community theatre scale I will award the following The Funeral Parlour – Four Stars Avatar – Three and a Half Stars Crossing the Bar – Three Stars Tuesday’s Are For Bill – Four and a Half Stars"

Inconvenient People

Runner up, Best Play 2007 Norfolk Island Theatre Festival.

More to come as soon as I dig them up. :) Paul


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